Paul has already given us several patterns. In verses 1-2, he gives us a pattern of a joyful church. In verse 3-8, he gives a pattern of a joyful life; now, he gives us a pattern for prayer. The ironic backdrop cannot be ignored, though. He is prescribing productive patterns for believer while being confined to his Roman imprisonment. In verse 3, he tells us that he prayed for the Philippians, but he avoided giving the details of the prayer. He spent verses 3-8 reflecting on the tremendous joy that the church had brought him. He, in other words, had a praise break. He started off with the Philippians in his head; then that led him to having them in his heart. Now, he has them in his prayers.

Summary of text: Paul disclosed his prayer report for the Philippians believers.

Proposition: Pray that you would live a life of the future in the present.

Said another way, pray for spiritual maturity.

Three attributes of prayer modeled by Paul.

I. Pray with godly requests.

a. A deeper love. vs.9
b. A disciplined love. “knowledge”
c. A discerning love. vs. 9-10a

II. Pray for godly results. vs. 10

a. A faithful life vs.10
b. A fruitful life vs.11

III. Pray with godly rejoicing. Vs. 11 “to the glory and praise of God”