The vision of the Educational Outreach Ministry is a quality educational and social outreach program that will have  sustainability and effectiveness for the congregation and the community.

The goals for EOM are as follows:

  • To add a minimum of four members to the ministry
  • To establish at least one new endowed scholarship
  • To increase the financial giving to the EOM programs

The key leaders within the ministry are as follows:

Alice Maris, Eva Harsley, Margaret Daniel, Raye Jean Taylor, Shun Alexander, Sharon Ewing,
and Melanie Jones

The EOM plans to sponsor the following events in 2017

  • Present a special African American tribute on two Sundays of Black History Month
    during worship service (2nd Sunday, February 12th and 4th Sunday, February 26th)
  • Hold four quarterly meetings (January 14, April 8, June 10, December 9)
  • Recognize mothers and fathers on their respective day
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of students K-College on Honors Day (June 11th)
  • Revise the scholarship booklet
  • Develop a program to communicate with and monitor all K-College students throughout the 2016-17 school year
  • Develop some programs and activities to engage students more productively
  • Distribute school supplie (August 6)

There is a line item (Scholarship) on the church envelope that allows members to contribute to  this ministry.
We have had no problem with finance so far, however, we need to increase the finance for our scholarships.
Presently we have three endowed scholarships supported mainly.