The vision of the Kennedy Street Ministry is the continuation of processes to record and communicate the history
Of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church for posterity.

  • To develop a strategy to involve family members of KSM to become involved with the ministry
    so that it may survive and remain a link to the past of PRBC
  • To get more members motivated to attend meetings and financially support the ministry
  • To find better ways to communicate with the members
  • To develop methods of collecting and cataloguing church history

Officers: Tommy Smith, Sharon Ewing, Margaret Daniels, Sam Ella Ward, Joe Ann Pettis and Albert Herman

Coordinators: Dorothy Stanley, Hazel James, Vivian Holman, Lillie Mae Hood, Magdalene Pettis
Willie Mae Gray and Tommy Smith

  • Two regular meetings (Spring and Summer)
  • A Christmas Reception date ?
  • Ministry members pay a monthly due. All KSM activities will be funded from the dues

The officers and coordinators will meet as soon as we prepare our calendar for 2017 in order to organize for our
our activities. The proposed events will be presented to the membership at our first meeting and communities
will then be formed to work on the projects. The planning goes on continually through the year.

All activities of KSM are designed to strengthen our Christian values and our fellowship within the church and
to cooperate with the pastor in church activities.  Most of our members are involved with other ministries within
the church, and will serve whenever we can.  We will lead by example and encourage younger members to embrace
service as a major goal. Many of our members are senior citizens; however, we will continue to contributing to the
growth of the church and in serving those in need.