To help missionaries to develop and become more knowledgeable concerning the work of mission in the home,
church and community.

Mission: Lead people into an enriching, rewarding, and wholesome relationship with the Living Christ through
worship and ministry.

  • To support the mission ministry vision by sponsoring “Mission Days” which will consist of speakers to
    expand our knowledge on home and foreign mission. These days will be open to the entire congregation
  • In talking to the community in the clothing ministry, expand that ministry to other needs and resources
    beside  clothing, such as household items and literature/speakers concerning housing, food resources,
    and employment opportunity for felonies.
  • The mission ministry has several ministries within the ministry with key leaders 

Clothing Ministry: Harold Newberry, Lenoris Hill, Magdalene Pettis, Jo Ann Pettis  (Held monthly)

Garden Ministry: Ruth Hicks, Valerie Smith, Jo Ann Pettis (Seasonal)

City Mission: Helen Smith, Ada Shotwell, Margaret Daniel  (Monthly)

City Union Luncheon: Lenoris Hill, Harolyn Newberry, Evelyn Jones, Irma Young